• System Integration including SCADA, PLC and GSM solutions

  • Wide range of software selection on your budget.

  • CCTV 

  • Door Acceess and attendance System 

  • Alert System/ SMS alert to break-in. 

  • Centralised Monitoring and Management Software (CMMS). 

  • Utility Management Software

Various SCADA Solutions

As a system integrator in the market for more than 5 years we have worked with various SCADA softwares and is able to advice the right SCADA software for your project requirement. We do development, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Controllers, I/O, GSM 

Our RTU is the most cost efficient yet reliable with multiple DI/DO/AI and web based interfacing that can suit to your data monitoring requirement.

CCTV & Alarm System

We provide various CCTV installation and configuration services. According to your budget we can quote the right brand of system along with affordable installation and configurations. We have mobile APP support for both iOS and Android. 


Centralised Management and Monitoring System software makes your plant, factory more efficient and run smoothly with less breakdown and downtime.

Web Based Attendance 

We are an authorised partner with fingertec for their Timetec Cloud based Time attendance system.

Customized software development
Question Bank Software

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