We Provide a complete CEMS Solution.

CEMS is a system to monitor and record the gas emitted into the atmosphere from the chimney. The gases to monitor is opacity, dust, NOX, SOX etc. 

Our System is designed to meet the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia Standards and enables our customers to integrate the complete CEMS solutions from us to comply with DOE emission and control compliance.

Solution 1

We provide SCADA based CEMS System where your SCADA system will connect to gas analyzer and collect data and then our CEMS and DIS will do the reporting and data transfer to DOE

Solution 2

We provide a standalone system designed for you company to turn into a .exe file and you can easily install in number of sites communicating in industrial standard communication protocol. 

Solution 3

RTU based communication which sends the data to the server located at your convenient location. All the different sites can be reporting to one server. This solution is beneficial if you have multiple sites under one company. 

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